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Before he became a professional photographer, Geno Loro was just a teenager with a camera, running around the streets of Chicago.

He honed his skills shooting fashion and high-end jewelry in one of the city’s large commercial studios. Geno’s father, himself a respected photographer, artist and creative director, taught him a few lessons in the art of composition along the way.

Today, Geno travels across the United States to work with a diverse array of clients, from fashion brands to airlines and industrial manufacturers.

The best images are a collaborative effort between photographer, art director and client.

While many professional photographers choose to specialize in one particular industry or style, Geno loves the challenge of an unfamiliar environment, culture or look.

In every photograph, he attempts to evoke the basic concepts of light, shape and texture. And just as important, he strives to make every session a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

After all, he says, “if you’re not having fun at a shoot, you’re probably not doing it right.”